Episode 5: New Wives' Tales, Animal Freakshow!, Zombae

Join Corbin and Julie as they replace old wives’ tales with something new, introduce two new freaks to their animal menagerie, and premier a song that started out as a lullaby (believe it or not!).

This episode is brought to you by Scott’s Emulsion and Shellenbergers Menth-o-lic Cough Wafers. This combo is especially good for “delicate girls and women” who want to stop that tickle for a nickel!

The musical selection this week is “You Just Punched Me in the Head (Zombae)” by Superhero Sandwich: https://soundcloud.com/paudeville/you-just-punched-me-in-the-head-zombae

“Look into” the glass frog here: https://youtu.be/W5k_S8N0pFo</a

Never be the same after seeing the hagfish here: https://youtu.be/lZq4Dme7wi4</a


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