Episode 1: Dust Jacket Theater, Love Bucket, The Stage

Join Corbin and Julie as they perform dramatic readings of dust jackets, answer relationship questions from the internet, and listen to a deeply stirring song written by Ruby Miller (4 years old).

This episode is brought to you by the government shutdown! Now, if only all 800,000 furloughed workers would also make a podcast the world would be a much better place.


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Halloween Boonus Episode

Hey all you Boos and Ghouls out there! Here’s a short, sweet, trick-or-treat episode for you! Join us for some spooky stories and bone chilling sound effects.

Episode 17: Hink Pink, Penguin Pie

Ever heard of a Hink Pink? How about a Hinky Pinky? Oh yeah?!? How about a Hinkadeperkity Pinkadeperkity? That’s what I thought! We’ll teach you both the NCA...

Episode 6: Paudeville Musical Review

It’s a special musical episode of Paudeville! This week we go over all the music featured on Paudeville so far with Superhero Sandwich, the hot new band behi...

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