Episode 34: Thanksgiving? I Hardly Know Her!, Little Hero

You guys…we’re tired. We have a very cute reason to be tired and we’re a little loopy in this one.

First, family updates! We talk about how daylight savings is very bad with kids, Corbin went back to work this week complete with commuting woes, and we voted! Then we freshen up our favorite Easter game with a Thanksgiving theme by giving very fake synopses of very real children’s books.

This episode is brought to you by Armour Star Corned Beef Hash. Just ninja into a men’s club to see how they likes their meat ‘n potatoes.

We also have a bonus acrostic poem from Theo (age 7). Keep an eye out for more kid poems coming down the pike!

The musical selection this week is “Little Hero,” the third in our line of songs for our kids that start the chorus with the word “Hey!” You can stream and download all our musical selections at https://soundcloud.com/paudeville

Our Paudeville Recommend for this episode is fun and silly actual play role playing game called The Gigantic Adventures of Jeff and Simon. It’s a lot of fun, check it out!

Paudeville is a proud member of the Podicon Go network of family-friendly podcasts. See all the other fine shows at https://www.podicongo.com/.

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