Episode 18: Camping Review, 20 Questions, Alligator Unicorn

We had a big week! Come hear the news about our impending baby. Is it human? Or is it dancer? We also survived our first family camping trip and had a good time too! We debut a brand new game that you’ve probably never heard of before: 20 questions! Answer our many calls to action! Make your voices heard!

This episode brought to you by the Open Front Shirt! Do you want something to cover your body, but not ALL of your body? Then this highly-flammable tunic is just right for you!

This week’s musical selection is “Alligator Unicorn”. It’s just what it sounds like. You can stream and download all our musical selections at https://soundcloud.com/paudeville


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Episode 39: Dungeons and Dad Puns 2

Everybody has a fever! And the only cure is more D&D! So, we’re going to finally put out the next section of Dungeons and Dad Puns where Corbin and Theo ...

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Halloween Boonus Episode

Hey all you Boos and Ghouls out there! Here’s a short, sweet, trick-or-treat episode for you! Join us for some spooky stories and bone chilling sound effects.

Episode 17: Hink Pink, Penguin Pie

Ever heard of a Hink Pink? How about a Hinky Pinky? Oh yeah?!? How about a Hinkadeperkity Pinkadeperkity? That’s what I thought! We’ll teach you both the NCA...

Episode 6: Paudeville Musical Review

It’s a special musical episode of Paudeville! This week we go over all the music featured on Paudeville so far with Superhero Sandwich, the hot new band behi...

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