Episode 20: Exercise, Shoe Shopping, Animal Freakshow, No. 2 Elephants

This week Julie gets swole by exercising (almost) everyday and Corbin gets new discount socks…mmm new socks. Our game is the fourth installment of our Animal Freakshow! We pit the scorpionfly against the opossum. Who will win in a battle of freakishness and bad pettery? You must listen to discover the truth! We also add a new category for who would give the best super powers and we’re really excited about it.

This episode brought to you by Borden’s Homogenized Milk. At least as good as any other milk! Just see how it makes you feeeeeel…

This week’s musical selection is “No. 2 Elephants,” a song born of a vacation dream by Julie’s beautiful brain. You can stream and download all our musical selections at https://soundcloud.com/paudeville

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