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Episode 42: Abbey Road? I Hardly Know Her!, Getcher Buns of the Table, Kid Segments

We still exist! And we did a trip! And it was a trip! It also inspired our new game where we tell you all about the best roads from The Nowhere, PA.

We’re drowning in kid segments this week! We have Lukey’s Zooky where our 3yo Luke tells us about some cool zoo animals. We also have Twue Cwimes with 5yo Ruby. Then there’s Theo’s Pokemon Corner, where our 8yo tells us about a Pokemon.

The musical selection this week is “Getcher Buns Off the Table” in case you need to sing it to your kids when their buns get onto the table! You can stream and download all our musical selections at

Our recommends this week are to wash your hands! And also, Captain Ryan Stories! Check them out at

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